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Here at The Sanctuary we have many exciting groups for all ages to participate in. From our youth group Branded, to our senior group Young at Heart, there is a place for everyone to fellowship and enjoy time with other like minded believers. At the bottom of the page you will find a list of all the upcoming group meetings.

Branded Youth Group

Youth Ministries ages 12-18. This Group enjoys time together on Wednesday Nights at 6:30. Some activities outside this time include Church Concerts, Youth Rallies, Bowling, and many others.

Impact Young Adults

Impact Young Adults is for ages 18-30. This group engages in monthly get-togethers and bible studies.


This Middlers is for ages 30-50. A group for the busiest of our members this group meets when time allows. Fun and fellowship is had by all.

Young At Heart

Young at Heart is our Senior group.

Ages 50+. This group is a powerful way to help others out as they do a great many things for the church. They meet up every couple of weeks with work projects such as Easter egg stuffing and the occasional dinner.

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